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As Audiologists, our job is to help people hear better, not to just sell them a product. It is important for a person with a hearing loss to understand their hearing loss and be educated on their options. At Hearing Rehab Center's Seattle office, you'll find friendly service from experts on hearing care, tinnitus treatment, and the latest in hearing technology.

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CasualHearing aids come in a variety of styles and fits. Read about the benefits and features of each.
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Tinnitus Treatment

QuietLearn about the causes of tinnitus & the tinnitus treatment options we offer at all our locations.
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Upcoming Free Hearing Seminars

VeryQuietLearn about upcoming hearing seminars and events hosted by Hearing Rehab Center.
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Visit our convenient Seattle, WA location to consult with our friendly office staff. We’ll match the right hearing technology to your lifestyle.

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